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Jeff Gould Law, P.C.

Jeff Gould Law, P.C.

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The Attorney In YOUR Corner: Personal Injury, DUI and Criminal Attorney in YOUR Corner. We will help you fight back, protect your rights, and best interests from start to finish.

A little about us at Jeff GOULD Law, I spent many years as Insurance Defense Counsel for the top five U.S. Insurers. I also handled all claims in litigation, in the state of Alaska, for a Nationwide Automobile / Casualty Insurance Company. This inside experience allowed me to learn when, why - and most importantly, HOW - to get insurers to properly evaluate injuries so that you can maximize damages and payout. I know exactly how the system works.

As your attorney, I am dedicated to defending your rights and practicing injury law for you, the injured individual… rather than faceless, big insurers and government agencies going to the bank on the backs of others. I am devoted to helping you obtain maximum recovery for your injuries from these insurance companies, government agencies and more. Jeff GOULD Law is focused on you, our client, and your best interests - Always!

I have more than 23 years of experience practicing law in the states of Alaska and Arizona. I will personally handle your case or claim from the start to the final resolution. We focus our practice on our plaintiff’s Personal Injury, DUI Law and Criminal Defense. Jeff GOULD Law is the Attorney In YOUR Corner. Experienced, honest and aggressive.

We are active and out there in our Arizona community.


The Attorney In YOUR Corner!
Fighting to protect your best interests and rights
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