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Conquistador Pest & Termite, Inc

Conquistador Pest & Termite, Inc

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ONE CALL BY YOU... NO BUGS BY US! What our the seven common pests Conquistador Pest and Termite conquers for their customers: 1) General Pests... customized pest control plans designed to keep desert pests outside; 2) Termites... cause over $1.7 billion dollars in damages a year and will effect your property values; 3) Bed Bugs... big increases in infestation complaints in Tucson; 4) Scorpions... one of the most disliked pests in Tucson; 5) Bees... our bees are aggressive and we remove them for your safety; 6) Rodents... if rodent nests are not properly removed, they will be reoccupied; and 7) Weeds... weeds are seldom controlled with 1 or 2 applications of weed spray. Let us control those weeds.

Or tackle all of these common pests with our Conquer All Package with pest, termite and weed control rolled into a one-stop pest control service.


Whether you need help with a one-time pest problem or would like to set up routine pest control service, Conquistador Pest & Termite will work with you to create a customized pest control plan to get rid of desert pests inside and outside of your Arizona home all year long. Our professional exterminators are trained to exterminate all types of desert pests and we understand the importance of protecting your family, pets, and the environment from harmful chemicals. That is why we proudly use environmentally responsible insecticides that are EPA-approved. With Conquistador Pest & Termite, you can finally relax knowing you, your home, and loved ones are safe.


Common pests during heavy monsoon rains.
Bed bugs. Infestation complaints in commercial properties affect profits.
Subterranean Termites cause over 5 billion in damages annually in United States.
Bark Scorpion. Most venemous scorpion in the Sonoran Desert.
Bees. Protecting your family and pets from aggressive bees.
Weed control.
Rodent control.
Subterranean Termites cause over 5 billion in damages annually in United States.

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